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When it Rains (Part III)

When I stepped out of the low-height micro bus, the rain was already gone

The thick solid raindrops almost smashed the micro bus glasses and it was done

I wished it were drizzling so I could have fun

Bad luck for me poor girl, it was already gone.


Had I just taken a breath, I sensed an exotic touch of the coolest breeze

Was it the fragrance of just-worn perfume on your just washed body that almost made me freeze

Was my T-shirt open a little to let the air touch my bosom

Had I blushed when your deep beautiful eyes got stuck on them like the sticky gum


What divine beauty it was, your dark-complexioned face glowed

Like a well-crafted garden grass, your little grown beard had my mind blowed*

Was your hair wet and shedding tiny waterdrops

Oh dear, my favorite things on you ‘the deep eyes’ brought me sweet nerves


Teet teet honked the bus

I saw all people moved in a rush

Had I been dreaming in the middle of the road standing,

I looked a total mad, lost alone and smiling…..


Date Written:  April 3, 2017 – 7 p.m. in Kathmandu

P.S. The first and second part of the poem is are already published on my personal blog FACE.  Here is the link: When it Rains Part I + II

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